Since ancient times, people have walked spiritual pilgrimages way across the sea, the fields and rivers, and the mountains.

The Kii Mountains, its deep forest and steep mountain range, is one of the spiritual places of Japan. This area has been considered a sacred dwelling place of the gods for centuries.

Many believers have walked the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, from emperors and nobles to everyday people who continue the tradition today. Koyasan, sacred site of Buddhism, holds the story of women finding pilgrimage where once they were forbidden. The pilgrimage is full of the mystic atmosphere of a deep forest. Stretching its way to the ocean, God and people come and go and dwell in the trees and plants in silent prayer.

The world of prayer united with nature appears when we take a trip to this sacred place. We have a feeling that we hear the footsteps of prayer that has continued for several thousand years.

The encounter with wonderful people and place led us to create this album "INORI-Kurenai KOYA" . We are always grateful to you all.

And, thank you very much for all of you listening to this album. We're very happy if you can enjoy the trip to the way of prayer.

Best regards,
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Pray - The sound from KURENAI KOYA / AWAYA

1Piglrimage road "Kogumotorigoe" (2017 Remaster)
2Celebration (2017 Remaster)
3Pray (2017 Remaster)
4Chronicle (2017 Remaster)
5Lotus (2017 Remaster)
6Piglrimage road "Ogumotorigoe" (2017 Remaster)
7Piglrim journey (2017 Remaster)
8Autumn moonlit night (2017 Remaster)
9Celebration(Long mix Version)


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